"When I don't have red, I use blue"

Pablo Picasso

Mariusz Majewski is an approved and award-winning photographer with many years of experience on the field of the wedding photography. He created a unique style in which he takes care of every detail and he has developed a reliable action plan which lets him tell amazing stories. In 2016 he became one of the 100 best wedding and portrait photographers. He can not only perpetuate the natural magic of the wedding but also create one by involving all the guest in it. He creates beautiful portraits and makes everyone self confident and beautiful in front of his camera.

Mariusz loves life and people and thanks to the photography he can extract everything that is the best. He says that thanks to photography he became a husband to a beautiful wife and father to two wonderful sons. They live and work together in Wrocław – the city of meetings and hundreds of bridges. They both love this city – it is their home, but in order to find the photographic challenges they travel all over the world and realize the photographic dreams of their customers.

Born in 1985, Mariusz has always wanted to create – to write a novel, tell stories, to express himself in any way. The true fascination with the world included in an image began at the age of 14. Graphics, drawing, painting – those areas were to become his profession, however it was not the photography that turned out to be his way to happiness and professional fulfillment. After purchasing his first digital single-lens reflect camera in 2004 he went to the 4-year photography school from which he resigned because the teachers’ attitude towards photography was too scientific. However the willingness to develop, trainings and internet lessons conducted by the leaders of this branch let him create his own unique way of looking at world.

In 2009 he started his wedding activity under his own name creating an offer destined for the most demanding customers. A year later, together with his wife, he implemented another project– the professional photography studio “art nuve” which specializes in design, graphics and event photography for companies. The year 2017 brings another challenges – creating a complex system of education, workshops and trainings for the young adepts of photography.